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Captain Philip Cusumano


Artist Filippo; (Capt. Phil Cusumano)

Captain Phil Cusumano is a U.S.C.G. licensed  Master 100 ton near Coastal (out to 200 miles offshore) license number 1160505 issue 2. He has American Red Cross first aid and American Heart Association C.P.R. certification. He is a member of The Maritime Consortium.

Currently Captain Phil is full time Captain during the summer for a 60' Offshore M/V Whole Life out of Boston. In his off time he is Captain of the triple screw Privateer IV, a 110' tour and charter boat and the 95' Privateer for Seven Seas Gloucester. Capt. Phil also teaches onboard one on one anyone wishing to learn docking, close quarter maneuvering, trip planning and navigation.

He was past captain of Sea Song III, a 48 Carver Motor Yacht hailing Gloucester Harbor, MA for 5 years until its sale in the summer of 2002. He has been delivery Captain for 10 to 12 boats that do the north south season from Florida to New England. Among them a 76 foot Hatteras Motor Yacht, and 75 Viking Motor Yacht Joi du-Roie. Capt. Phil spends the winter months after the delivery season in Fort Myers, Florida. Captain Phil is also co-founder of North Star Yacht Deliveries, Inc., and On The Water Training a state-of-the-art delivery and teaching service.  The delivery service specializes in the transport of large and small yachts, power and sail.  The teaching is specifically design to the individual training for a safe and pleasurable boater operation. Visit and Phil has been conducting yacht deliveries for the past seven years.  This has entailed bringing hundreds of boats up and down the East coast and the Great Lakes.

With boats ranging from 35 to 125 Capt. Phil has traveled from New England to Florida and the Keys, the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway (Thousand Island area), Welland Canal, the New York Canal System, as well as the Hudson River from Lake Champlain to New York Harbor. 

Capt. Cusumano recruits other Captains and crew with great experience of their own to assist him on deliveries or to make their own deliveries.  This makes North Star Yacht Deliveries a highly professional organization.  

Born and raised in Gloucester, MA, Captain Phil has had a life long love affair for the ocean. His father owned and operated commercial fishing vessels in Gloucester for fifty years. At the early age of thirteen Phil started commercial fishing during summer vacations with his father. When he graduated from high school he was Captain of his dad's boats a 73 foot 28 foot beam and a draft of 13.5 feet commercial dragger. He has also earned a degree in commercial art and fine art from Vesper George School of Art. He soon felt the call of the sea and returned to commercial fishing and the captain of his dad's second boat. His experiences in commercial fishing span nineteen years and took him from Portland, ME to Martha's Vineyard, MA and over 200 miles off shore.

             As the commercial fishing industry became more and more challenged with government regulations and fishing stocks dwindled, Phil decided to put his creative art background to work and opened a small business as a graphic designer. He adds to his achievements a talent as a marine artist. His works have been bought and displayed in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass. and throughout the United States. However Captain Phil has always maintained his passion for the ocean and became captain of one of Gloucester's yachts that then became the catalyst for his present business, North Star Yacht Deliveries, Inc.. He has been Captain of three yachts and traveled the east coast on trips and deliveries from down east Maine to Key West, Florida. In total he has spent forty years on the water and in the boating community. Phil is professional, intelligent, mature and experienced. 

           Phil is a non smoker and non drinker and you can count on him being fully capable at all times when taking charge of your boat. He looks forward to being of assistance to you and/or your customers.

Call 386-937-9885


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Artist Filippo (Capt. Phil Cusumano)

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