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" Our commercial boat/private yacht delivery captains and crews specialize in power boat and sailboat delivery from anywhere to anywhere "

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Now with offices in New England,
Middle Atlantic & Florida

   North Star Yacht Deliveries has a brilliant team of Captains and mates. Among them are experienced boat delivery captains, will deliver your boat through coastal and Intercoastal (Intracoastal) Waterway routes from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Nova Scotia, Canada and on the Western River System from Lake Erie, Welland Canal, Lake Ontario, the Erie Canal and Hudson River. This includes offshore yacht delivery including trans Atlantic, Trans Pacific, Bahamas, The Caribbean Islands and Bermuda. We also relocate your boat through Intercoastal (Intracoastal) Waterway routes from New York Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida to Key West, and on to Texas.

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All of our captains have the qualifications, licensing and experience necessary to operate power and sailing vessels offshore and on the inland waterways. We also have catamaran specialists in our group who have extensive offshore delivery experience on multi-hulls.

  Our collective wisdom and respect for the sea, your vessel and the safety of the people aboard will ensure the attention to detail that sets us apart from other delivery skippers.

 Let our professionally experienced licensed captain and crew take care of your next boat or yacht delivery. We deliver power boats or sailboats anywhere on the Trans Atlantic & Pacific, East Coast from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean to the Florida Gulf Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

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There are thousands of Captains to choose from when having your yacht transported by water so why choose North Star’s team?

• North Star’s Captains & crew-members have made hundreds of successful deliveries Safely & Timely.

• North Star’s Captains spend considerable time (before the voyage ) familiarizing themselves with your yacht, it’s systems and capabilities.

• North Star provides you with continual updates during the voyage and a post voyage written report of the vessels performance as well as detailed expense documentation.

Give us a call today and let us tell you how we can take care of your “Pride and Joy”.

See our new On Board Training program.
   Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority!  

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North Star Yacht Deliveries

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